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Open House 2019

We are delighted to announce that we have brought back the OPEN House...

We ran this for 17 years supporting local small charities..... some things in life make you stop in your tracks and rethink... for me, that was 5 years ago, with the very sudden and totally unexpected death of my darling mummy..... I simply could not function... many things in my life also abruptly stopped.... but as we move forward in lifes journey you begin to breathe again, you begin to try and create a new kind of normal, your reevaluate everything and everybody in your life..... you try to make sense the world around you, the people and places in it.

We are all changing each and every day, for me personally, I have become more consciously aware of all that surrounds me , emotionally, physically and spiritually.... its always been the simple things in life that have had the biggest influence on me, nature, wildlife, the great outdoors, natural materials, being creative, designing, making, sharing skills and seeing the fruits of our labour as we now grow and create with totally sustainable materials.

The world is changing as are we.... and we would love for you to join us, sit by our fireside and see just exactly what we do here at 103 ... as in previous years we will have a few of our very creative friends joining us and our chosen charity will be revealed.... its something we think is a brilliant idea... and we think you will too... so get those dates in your diary folks and please please share with your friends 🙏🎄❤

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